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a special toast.

In lieu of an actual toast before tonight’s Minnie Soda game (y’all got that from the previous post, right?), here’s a look at last week’s version. Note the special guests.


this is a test.

Please don’t tell me I need to explain this.


the required uniform.

We have shirts.

Thanks to the nice people at Spreadshirt, a Pittsburgh company that gives any idiot — and by that, I mean me — the opportunity to open up a small T-shirt shop, we have the first editions of Killer Nuts Tailgating shirts, available to anyone who wants them. Take a look:


For the ladies, in red, dark gray or black.




And for the guys, in red, light gray or black.


They’re inexpensive at $9.90 a pop, and Spreadshirt generally does a good job of getting them to you a few days. So if you order now, you’ll have yours by the Penn State game.

If you think we should add kids’ sizes or if you have an idea for another text-based design, just let me know. We’ll make it happen.


polls are dumb.

The folks in Madison can’t be especially happy with the Harris Poll voters or the coaches who contribute to the USA Today poll; even after last night’s win, Ohio State (10) is ranked a slot higher than the Badgers (11). I’m as much of a homer as you’ll ever find, but even I know that’s not right.



Y’all ready?


menu: osu-indiana

  • coffee
  • danish & apple bite pastry
  • corned beef hash
  • eggs either scrambled, or sunny side up and gooey all over the hash
  • mixed fruit
  • fresh strawberries
  • hummus & crackers
  • sausage bites
  • pastry with chocolate drops inside
  • gummy bears
  • everything anyone wanted to drink

all gone


They ate it all! Thanks to Crappydad's cooking!



they also kick puppies.

I haven’t had many terrible experiences when I’ve traveled with Ohio State — I’ve had beer cans thrown at me in Michigan Stadium, and I know from a game at Purdue that marshmallows stuffed with pennies hurt more than you might imagine, but overall I can’t report anything overwhelmingly negative.

My folks, on the other hand, have been to games at nearly every Big Ten stadium — as well as a few outside the conference — and on a couple of occasions, they’ve reported some ugly days. I hope they can weigh in if I’m off-base here, but my recollection is that outside of a trip to Morgantown, their worst night would have been the one they spent in Madison, I think in 2003.

Playing Wisconsin on the road at any time of day is tough. The home team is usually pretty good, the fans are well-lubricated and the weather up north — even further up north than the home of the Team Up North — can be dicey as you get deeper into the season.

That’s sort of what mom and dad ran into on their trip up there — a cold, rainy night; a group of fans that had extra time for lubrication; and, if I’m remembering the year correctly, a Badger team that was bent on ending Ohio State’s winning streak that extended to the start of the previous season. There were also reports of freshman sacrifice, beer bongs extending from the top deck of Camp Randall Stadium and an uncomfortable amount of attention towards opposing fans, most of whom were huddled together to protect themselves from the pitchforks, torches and driving, icy rain.

The Badgers are something of a mystery this season; they looked a lot better on paper than they appear to be. But they will be up for a visit from the No. 1 team in the country, as will the fans that make Camp Randall the, uh, experience that it is.

And that forecast of clear skies and game-time temps in the 50s? I’m not buying that either.



Killer Nuts Tailgating would like to offer our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to Carolina Boy, for his significant contribution on Saturday to what promises to be a very interesting season.


my bad.

Ohio State’s rough outing on Saturday cannot be blamed on windy weather in Chambana, Terrelle Pryor’s injury or a defense that might not have been paying attention during the first half.

When we packed up for our mini tailgate at Saturday’s Hiram-Carnegie Mellon game — which I will tell you about tomorrow — I brought my football along — but I never threw it with anyone. This is an important part of my pregame rituals and … I let the team down.

We did remember the toast, though. You think I’d forget something that important?

2017 schedule

Aug. 31: vs. at Indiana, 8 p.m.
Sept. 9: Oklahoma, 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 16: Army, 4:30 p.m.
Sept. 23: UNLV
Sept. 30: at Rutgers
Oct. 4: at Maryland
Oct. 7: Maryland
Oct. 14: at Nebraska
Oct. 28: Penn State, 3:30 p.m.
Nov. 4: at Iowa
Nov. 11: Michigan State
Nov. 18: Illinois
Nov. 22: Indiana
Nov. 25: at Team Up North, noon
Dec. 2: B1G Championship, 8 p.m.

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