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The Ohio State University is big.

More than 64,000 students, if you’re counting all campuses. And nearly 42,000 employees.

As is the case with any organization of its size, The Ohio State University can be a maddening, frustrating place. Trying to get answers — or even just finding the person to whom the questions should be asked — can feel like an impossible chore.

What we encountered in 2010 and 2011 as we tried to figure out where we were parking for the season is a good example. Call one person, get one answer. Hear another answer from a different office. Get a third answer from one of the people working the lot.


But sometimes, it pays to ask.

I have two examples. During the first game, I was dismayed to hear that the OSUMB’s spot in the South Stands had been mic’ed, and was being played over the stadium’s shiny new PA system. In some parts of the stadium, it sounded fine; in 14C, the delay made it sound awful. We heard everything twice, and it pretty much made the music unbearable to listen to.

Last week, I sent an email to a whole bunch of people: Gordon Gee, Gene Smith, the folks who manage game day operations in the stadium, the band’s director. I griped about the amplification and asked for something to change.

It took Jon Waters, the interim director of the Ohio State University Marching Band, to answer. He said amplification of the band had been a goal of his and Gene Smith’s coming into the season, but added right off the bat that he was aware there were some problems on Week One. He also made a good point — there is no real way to test the sound without a stadium full of people, so it might take some time to work out the issues.

Because he took a couple minutes to respond, I felt better about the problem. And, true to his word, the sound was much better last week.

I have another example.

As I said last week, our new parking spot is pretty much perfect. Close to the stadium, shade or sun to suit the weather, easy parking for everyone else and plenty of, uh, facilities nearby.

My father, who has a legitimate reason to hold a disabled parking hang-tag, made a good point, though; for him, it took a decent walk –and for him, an uncomfortable one — to get to the nearest porta-john or to the indoor plumbing in the library. And, he reasoned, wouldn’t it make sense to have a porta-john available to patrons who are parking in handicapped lot.

Late in the week, Crappydad asked Ethel, who works for the university, for help in figuring out who should field a question about getting our own porta-potty. Ethel came through, and after a quick exchange of emails, we had been promised that a porta-john would be waiting for us Saturday morning (and it was actually in place on Friday night, as the Coochie Doctor confirmed during a quick trip through campus).

And there you are, boys and girls. Ethel, my father, and the one thing we were lacking to be able to call our new tailgating home truly perfect. We call him John.

And when you’re faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to approach a gigantic organization, remember this: It never hurts to just ask.


no i in team.

Mrs. Crappy and I were unavoidably detained last weekend, leaving the rest of the Killer Nut Tailgaters to not only, uh, tailgate without us, but also to update this here site with some of the details.

And I am happy to say they did.

Scroll down three posts, and you’ll see a … something … that walked by our spot after the game. That’s an exceptional effort on the part of someone, and I’m wondering if the resulting Great Pom-Pom Shortage of 2010 will have abated by this weekend. And, I should point out — not only is my mother posting to WordPress 0n her own, but she figured out how to post the photo with no help from yours truly. Great job Pat!

Scroll down one post, and you’ll see that Ethel stepped up as well, with a great set of pix from Saturday morning. Ethel’s husband Fred came up with something special for the game; go look if you haven’t already. Thank, Ethel!

And then there’s Matlock, who recorded and posted last weekend’s toast, which you’ll find below. As is generally the case, it’s slightly NSFW — no one got undressed or anything, but you probably know by now how we feel about Michigan, even when we’re not playing them.

Once again: Thanks to Pat, Ethel and Matlock for filling in. Now — if we can only get CrappyDad to write up his hash recipe…


some visuals.

Ethel here, also known as momsbrain as far as WordPress is concerned…

It was a lovely morning for a tailgate — a little cool. By the time we got into the game, it was positively hot and sunny. It was a short and sweet tailgate before a noon game, and a smaller crowd than usual, too, with the Crappies away at Podcamp and the Coochie Doctor and Matlock delayed by parental and professional responsibilities (like surgery, for example). And Fred and Ethel – well, we weren’t super-punctual. No surprise. But we got the eggs there in plenty of time for the massive pile of hash. And we did have guests: high school friends of Pat’s.

Bud had a nice setup for cooking.

Bud and his buds sling roast beef hash on a portable grill.

Plenty of seating for the dining portion of the tailgate.

Pat does some prep work while Marilyn and Cheryl chat.

Filling our plates.

Fred exhibited some divided loyalties, from head... toe.


new beginning.

This is Ethel, reporting in from Fred’s Facebook status:

“[Fred] knows that for a few hours this Thursday, life will seem less complicated…neither January nor spring is the beginning. I always have felt like everything starts with fall.”


down to business.

This is a tailgating blog. So let’s talk about some tailgating.

We’re a couple days away from the first party of the season, and this one will be a little different:

  • Night game. Not terribly unusual, but a number of other factors make the Marshall game unique.
  • Weeknight game. This doesn’t happen very often. As in, this has happened only once before, when Ohio State hosted Wyoming in a Thursday night game — also a season opener — a few years back.
  • Weeknight traffic. Football parking doesn’t open until 3 p.m., so we can only hope that the folks who actually have to work at the university heed the warnings to head out early or work from home. OSU has said that some of the parking pass lots — one of which we’ve used for 10 years — could still have cars of university employees in them, which would limit the spaces available for us football types.
  • Parking, Part II. This has less to do with the weeknight thing, although it will help make Thursday’s tailgate interesting. We’ve been hearing stuff about our lot being unavailable for football parking this year, and apparently, that’s going to be an issue. Bud and Pat have been scouting for a while — and hadn’t noticed anything different — but Ethel sent this message today:

I have been looking and looking at the football parking info trying to figure out the situation in our lot. I just came across this: “Due to construction, there will be no parking in the South Lincoln and Parks Hall lots.” Parks Hall – that is us. I don’t know if they bothered to inform you. Have you given thought to another location? I don’t know how those season passes work – ie if they mandate where you park based on the type of pass you get.

Ouch. That doesn’t sound good. I did notice that the map run in the Dispatch over the weekend still listed one of the lots directly south of our regular spot as a permit lot, so I’m hopeful we’ll still find something close. There’s little use in worrying about it on Thursday, because that’s a whole different situation, but we’ll see what happens for the rest of the season.

And then we have food. We occasionally try to come up with main dishes that involve eating the other team’s mascot; this was especially easy when we played a home-and-home against Texas a few years ago. Of course, Marshall’s official mascot is the Thundering Herd, and I have no idea what that means in terms of food. But if you take a look at the logo, you’ll notice a prominent bison head — which, to me, is pretty much the tastiest beef you’ll ever put in your mouth.

We generally pride ourselves on cooking for these things, but in this case — time limitations, potential parking issues and a relatively short time in the lot — we’re going to buy instead. Here’s what Bud suggested:

Hey KNTGers:  Cocktails /appetizers are from 3:30 until dinner (about 5:30 or so)  Here’s what everyone can bring…us: beef brisket/sauce;  Fred and Ethel:  baked beans (ok cold);  Mary K:  appetizers;  Coochie Doctor/Matlock:  green salad;  Uncle Crappy:  lotsa beer;  Juan:  HB buns (probably need 18 to be safe) and potato chips (couple of bags);  JB/Suz;  dessert (and maybe some beer if you want).  I’ll also be bringing some manhattans and cosmos.  LETS GO BUCKS!

I should specify: the meat — brisket, in this case — will come from City Barbeque, the excellent local chain in Columbus. We seem to settle on something from City about once a season, and it doesn’t feel much like we’re settling for anything.

That’s the plan, boys and girls. Once we figure out the parking thing, we’re going to eat and drink well, and then head inside for the first game of the year. I’ll let you know how the preparations are going on Thursday morning, and I think you can expect an update from the lot before we wrap it up. See yinz in Columbus.

2017 schedule

Aug. 31: vs. at Indiana, 8 p.m.
Sept. 9: Oklahoma, 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 16: Army, 4:30 p.m.
Sept. 23: UNLV
Sept. 30: at Rutgers
Oct. 4: at Maryland
Oct. 7: Maryland
Oct. 14: at Nebraska
Oct. 28: Penn State, 3:30 p.m.
Nov. 4: at Iowa
Nov. 11: Michigan State
Nov. 18: Illinois
Nov. 22: Indiana
Nov. 25: at Team Up North, noon
Dec. 2: B1G Championship, 8 p.m.

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